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We select and market top quality products and services created and offered by top class artisans, professionals and companies that work under the sign of excellence.

Tuscan Jewels was born in 2006 as a real estate agency for prestigious properties. The success achieved by the agency was far above expectations. After just over one year, Tuscan Jewels became the reference buyers from all over the world. The recipe consisted of a mix of high-level global marketing and the partnership with key individuals and organization active in the entertainment business, as well as in the financial and political environments. The failure of Lehman Brothers at the end of 2008, which triggered the economic crisis known as “the most dramatic global crisis since after the Great Depression of the 30’s”, hit the real estate sector, imposed the cessation of the agency and stopped the development of the project Tuscan Jewels.

In the year 2016, after eight years of stand-by, Tuscan Jewels comes back to life with a series of sub-brands, each one dedicated to a specific type of good or service that will be promoted and marketed all around the world to those who expect nothing but the best from the most loved and wanted region of the world: Tuscany.


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